All-Sports Award Bylaws


I.  Rules and Regulations

All rules and regulations that pertain to the All-Sports Award shall be in accordance with the Southern Buckeye Conference Constitution and By-Laws.

Total points will be tabulated at the end of the Fall, Winter and Spring seasons for both the American and National Division schools.  An updated version of the standings will be in each banquet program and the winner for each division will be announced at the Spring Banquet.

The points are based on the number of teams in each division.  (Example:  If their are six teams in a sport, the 1st place team would get six (6) points, 2nd place would get five (5) points and so on.

If two teams have the same record, they would split the points.  For example, if 2 teams tie for first place and there are 6 teams, you would add six and five together for 11 points and divide by 2.  Each team would get 5.5 points.

If a team does not sponsor that sport, they do not receive any points.

All ties at the end of the year will be recognized as the All Sports Champion for that year.

The first time a school wins the All Sports Champion Award, the league will pay for half of the banner.

The teams who win the award will be given the privilege of eating first at the Fall, Winter and Spring SBAAC banquets the following year.